Clinics We Offer


Ante-Natal clinic is held on a Monday of each week at Sutterton Surgery. Appointments should be made with the midwife beforehand, or through the surgery.

Sutterton Children Centre telephone: 01205 461509

Surgery telephone: 01205 460254


Anti-coagulation patients can make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

For housebound anti-coagulation patients, the Practice Nurse will make arrangements for a domiciliary visit to carry out the test.


If you have confirmed Asthma, you will be invited for a review with our trained Practice Nurse once a year. At this check, the Practice Nurse will:

  • Discuss your symptoms, triggers and the impact your symptoms are having on you
  • Review your inhaler technique, so please bring your inhalers to your appointment
  • Measure the capacity of your lungs called Peak Flow (if aged over 5)
  • Provide help with stopping smoking if applicable
  • Provide you with a detailed personal self-management plan for your Asthma
  • Give you advice about your inhalers, and make changes to these if appropriate
  • Offer you the annual Flu Vaccine if you own a preventer inhaler

Baby Clinic

The child health (baby clinic) is held on a Monday of each week.

The clinic is held between 9:15am and 11:15am at Sutterton Children Centre at Fourfields Primary School.

No appointment is necessary.

Blood Tests

The surgery offers a range of blood tests including hepatitis.

Blood tests are taken each morning by the practice nurse and are sent to the laboratory at Pilgrim Hospital by midday, Monday to Friday

Cervical Smears

There is a "call and recall" system to remind you when your smear test is due.

Patients can make an appointment with the Practice Nurse or, alternatively, with the on-duty doctor on his Thursday afternoon/evening surgery.

Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD is important to identify at any stage as it increase the risk of developing heart disease or a stroke. By identifying this condition, we can give you medication to reduce the risk. If you have confirmed CKD, you will be invited by a letter for a review by a Practice Nurse each year.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a term that includes the conditions chronic bronchitis and emphysema. If you have COPD, you will be invited for a yearly check-up by our trained Practice Nurse by letter.


Diabetic patients can make an appointment with the Practice Nurse or Doctor. Alternatively, you can attend any walk-in surgery.

Family Planning

For any family planning requirements, an appointment can be made for a Thursday afternoon/evening with the Doctor.

Alternatively, an appointment can be made with the Nurse for the contraceptive pill or contraception injection.

Heart Disease

If you have confirmed CHD, you will be invited for an annual review with our Practice Nurse. At this check, the Nurse will:


We run a full immunisation service including childhood immunisations which can be carried out by the Practice Nurse.

Please note that a Thursday afternoon appointment is required for the 1st immunisation. This is carried out with the Doctor and given at the 8 week baby check with a post-natal examination.

Travel immunisations are available with the Practice Nurse - Influenza and Pneumovax immunisations will be held on specific days which will be announced well in advance of the campaign. Tetanus, Hepatitis and many other vaccines are all available to book with the Practice Nurse.

NHS Choices Vaccination Schedule

Minor Injuries

Any minor injuries such as twisted ankles, cuts, abrasions, burns etc. please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse or Doctor.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgery such as excisions, implants and injections are carried out on the surgery premises.

Patients need to make an appointment for a Thursday afternoon/evening preferably.


If you have had a TIA or stroke in the past, you will be invited by letter for an annual review with the Practice Nurse.